While electronically filing your return, you are provided with two options - either to attach a digital signature & then file or just file without attaching a digital signature. In case you attach your digital signature, the filing gets complete at the particular moment. However in a case where you have filed your return without attaching a digital signature, your return filing is still incomplete. To complete return filing in such case, you have to send a signed copy of ITR-V to Income Tax Department-CPC, Bangalore within 120 days of electronically filing the return. The signed copy of ITR-V has to be sent either by ordinary post or speed post. Only on receipt of such signed ITR-V at CPC, your return is treated to have been filed.

Many a times, you forget to send this copy to CPC within time or if sent, it does not reach the CPC on account of some or other reasons. As a result, as per Income Tax Department, your return is treated as not been filed and thus attract penal provisions. To safeguard yourself against such situation, you can subscribe to this service offered by Taxsmile.

On subscribing to this service, you will be provided with following -

  • Periodic reminders to send ITR-V till the time it is not sent.
  • Intimation of any discrepancy (which may result into rejection by the Department) in the signed ITR-V.
  • Submitting ITR-V to CPC on your behalf.
  • Keeping you updated about the status of receipt of ITR-V at CPC.



Nowadays, issuance of Tax Refund by the Income Tax Department is faster than before. However, there are certain stages this refund has to go through before reaching your bank account. Also refund is directly credited to your bank account. In such a situation it is important to know the status of Refund, once the refund amount is approved by the Income Tax Authorities. To help you keep track of such refund, you can avail this service offered by Taxsmile.

On subscribing to this service, Taxsmile will keep a close eye on the issuance of your refund and keep you updated on every change in the status updated by the Income Tax Department on their e-filing website. Thus you concentrate your focus on your work and family and we would keep track of your refund.

This service is only for knowing the status of refund for one particular assessment year. It does not apply to other Assessment Years. Secondly the status updated would be based on the same updated by the Department on their website. Further Taxsmile will not be doing any correspondence with the Tax Authorities for faster issue of refund or for rectification in the amount of refund issued, etc.



One fine day, you get a notice from Income Tax Department and your officer has called for all sorts of information along with documentary evidences. Gone…. You will now have to find time out of your busy schedule, sit down and trace all your documents, like - Salary certificates, salary slips, bills produced for Medical Reimbursement, House Rent Receipt, House Rent Agreement, Travel bills for Leave Travel Allowance, Insurance receipts etc. You may find some and some not.

Imagine yourself in this situation. You would have wished that all these documents were at one single place, one single folder and you would have traced the same instantly. This is where Taxsmile wants to help you. By subscribing to this service, you will be able to upload all your documents, be it a Word file, Excel file, PDF or even a scanned image. once uploaded, you will be able to retrieve the same at any time and any where.

This service is available on Annual subscription basis and has to be renewed every year for regular access.



Subscribers of this service would get a Detailed Report of their Tax Record for past years as made available by the Income Tax Department on their efiling portal. Taxsmile would access your tax record available on the website and organize all the information that is currently available in an unorganized manner and publish it to you in a more arranged and meaningful manner. This Report will thus give a clear picture of your tax status for each year separately, which can be saved for future purpose. Addiitonally, Taxsmile will also provide useful guidance, wherever required, inorder to enable you to take proper action for a particular status.

The information provided under this service would be purely based on the information available on the Income Tax Department's website. Taxsmile will not be doing any type of follow-up or correspondence for the status mentioned in the Report.



Subscribers of this service would be able to avail the assistance for following situations and this service is available on Annual subscription basis and has to be renewed every year for regular support.

1. Request for ITR V: Your Income Tax Return Verification document is an acknowledgement that your return has been successfully filed with the Income Tax Department. Unless this document is verified either electronically or a Physical Signed copy sent to CPC Bangalore your return filing process is not Complete.
If you don’t have a copy of that and you need a support, our Tax Support Team shall support you.

2. Response for Demand Notice: After filing the Income Tax returns, you have got a Notice / Intimation from the Income tax Department,our Tax Support Team shall assist you in analyzing / understanding if there are any discrepancies in your filings and what is the next step of action to be taken.

3. Procedure to e-Verify: You have filed your Income tax returns and have received ITR-V. It’s the time to verify / authenticate the filings. You can do the verification electronically instead of sending the signed copy of ITR-V to CPC Bangalore thru(through) Post. Please reach our Tax Support Team to help you in completing the e-Verify process.

4. Query on ITR-V: If you have some clarification on the information that is printed on your ITR-V, you may call our Tax Support Team to help you or make better understanding of the data that you see in your ITR-V.

5. Status of your ITR-V Receipt by CPC: If you have already posted your signed ITR-V to CPC and still did not get an intimation of confirmation form CPC and you would like to know the status of it, please reach our Tax Support Team, they would be happy to assist you.

6. What is the status of my rectification request: I have filed a rectification to the Demand Notice / Intimation u/s 143 received by me. If you would like to understand the next process please reach our Tax Support Team.