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Calculating financial parameters that impact our taxes can be tough for most of us. Taxsmile has made it easy for you with its user-friendly income tax calculators.

Personal Details

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Annual Income Details

Mutual Funds (taxed @15%)
Shares (Exempt)
Mutual Funds (Exempt)
Interest from Investment in
Post Office Schemes
Dividend / PPF Interest /
Post Office Savings Interest
Interest from Tax Saving Investments /
Calculate Salary
House Property (Rented house / home loan interest paid)
Calculate House Property

Short Term Capital Gain

Shares/Mutual Funds (taxed @15%)
Other Assets (taxed @Normal rates)

Long Term Capital Gain

Assets (taxed @10%)
Assets Excl. Shares/Mutual Funds (taxed @20%)

Other Income

Winning from Lotteries, crossword, puzzles etc.
Savings Bank Interest
Other Taxable Income (excluding Interest and Winnings)

Deductions Details

Investment in LT Infrastructure Bonds (80CCF)
Tax Saving Investment (80C)

Contribution to Pension Plan (80CCC)
Contribution to National Pension Scheme [80CCD(1B)]
Rajiv Gandhi Equity Saving Scheme RGESS (80CCG)
Medical Insurance Premium: Self, Spouse & Children [80D(1)]
Medical Insurance Premium: Parents [80D(2)]
Interest paid on Education Loan (80E)
Interest Paid on Housing Loan (80EE)
Donations made (exempted @ 100%) (80G)
Donations made (exempted @ 50%) (80G)

Tax Credits


Calculation of Salary Income

Basic Salary (Inculding Pension, Bonus)
Dearness Allowance
House Rent Allownace
--- Rent Paid
--- In which city is the house situated
Conveyance Allowance
Other taxable Allowance
Other Emouments/Perquisites
Profession Tax Deducted

Calculation of Income from House Property

Property occupied by you for your own residense (only 1 House is allowed)
Interest paid on amount borrowed for purchase of this house
Was this amount borrowed after 31-Mar-1999
Property owned by you and given on Rent
Actual Rent received/receivable during the year
Municipal Tax paid during the year
Interest paid on amount borrowed for purchase of this house

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